Which other verb than “sparkle” immediately gives the idea of an action that makes an object glitter in the light and stand out among the others due to its beauty and attractiveness? This explains why the sparkle of jewellery becomes the most important aspect of fashion products because, worn in the right way, they can add light and emphasise the plainest of outfits. This applies not only to jewellery in the conventional sense, like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, but also to all those accessories that, applied in the various fashion sectors, (examples include buttons, buckles, chains, glasses, etc.), are often the playthings of stylists and become the focal point of the garment or the wearer. The creativity of artists constantly produces new models for the craft of jewellery making, which brings luminosity and sparkle to the harmony of shapes that are capable of catching the attention of even the laziest customer. To achieve these results they use diamond cutting process, which consists mainly on the lapping of the surfaces of precious metals to achieve uniform reflective properties over the entire surface, or geometric designs with different sequences where the light is broken up to shadow or illuminate the different points of incision. The result is the play of multiple rays projected in different directions that enhance the value and refinement of the jewellery. On the strength of this intuition, since 1964 O.M.P.A.R. have been creating patented diamond cutting machines for the jewellery making industry: simple machines and multifunctional devices capable of achieving, with easy operation, all the various patterns on jewellery and accessories, thus lending them added value. Right from the start O.M.P.A.R.’s objective was to offer the world market machinery that was technologically state of the art, but which at the same time allowed jewellery designers to fulfil and carry out in practical applications their most imaginative ideas. This means diamond cutting machines that are easy to use, fitted with “intelligent” equipment and accessories that permit the realization of decorations and finishes once created only by hand. A noteworthy example is the “star head”: an accessory that forms a complete star in a single action, considerably reducing the time required to create the same design by hand. Furthermore, the use of various clamping methods, including pliers, guides, auction devices, and ice technology, allows O.M.P.A.R.’s customers to produce an unlimited range of items, which can even be very thin or hollow.

If to all this you add the flexibility and wide range of movement of all the O.M.P.A.R. machines, it is clear how it is possible to always achieve new creations and special finishes. Recently a new type of diamond cutting has been developed for the decoration of the surfaces of wires, tubes, and round chains which can be made with the O.M.P.A.R. model VRT-05 diamond cutting machines. The novelty of this new system is the fact that while the product remains still the machine rotates around it, providing a more stable cut and improved finish for the item, with high speed and increased productivity. Thus, it is justified pride that OMPAR underlines the consolidated success presenting all those machines which, constantly upgraded, form the perfect “technical team” in a workshop which wants to keep up with the time.

The O.M.P.A.R. models

• DVP/M9 and DVP-S/M9 numeric control diamond cutting machines suitable for diamond cutting “bead chains” and “single beads” respectively. Their CNC utilizes a specific program created by O.M.P.A.R. themselves, easy to use and

common to most of the company’s CNC diamond cutting machines.

• The RA/2600 automatic diamond cutting machine for profiled chains like the “snake”, “rope” and also suitable for small sized bead chains with the possibility of faceting on four, six, or eight sides.

• The RA/2000 ICE is the ultimate fast diamond cutting machine. Thanks to the use of ice this device can achieve a production of 300 m/hour of fine chain, diamond cut on two sides.

• The new mod. FG10 diamond cutting machine can easily process any type of ring or bracelet, flat or half round, making them sparkle thanks to an infinite number of programs that can be memorized for the easy creation of single items or large quantities in incredibly short times. This model joins the wide range of O.M.P.A.R. numeric control diamond cutting machines, a sector that helps accelerate and optimize the production of the major industrial jewellery companies who are already O.M.P.A.R. customers in many countries around the world.

O.M.P.A.R.’s special ability is their capacity to flexibly adapt their machines to the special needs of customers, creating with them a “made to measure” diamond cutting machine, lending the final product (in any sector) those special features that make it unique and precious.